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Airport Genie

Posted on
26th January 2012

Are there are times when you just wish that there was someone to give you a helping hand at Dublin Airport? Well now there is, with Airport Genie. Airport Genie is a great new service available that offers passengers a range of packages that provide speed, comfort and care when they are jetting to and from Dublin Airport. There are 5 great packages to choose from and these can all be bought online before you fly at airportgenie.com.

Airport Genie

Airport Genie

Genie Speed
Genie Speed allows customers to get through the airport faster using the Fast Track Boarding Card queue. Customers will receive Airport Information Alerts and Flight Information Alerts direct to their mobile phone, keeping them informed of their flight status while at the airport.
Price: €7.50 per person

Genie Comfort
With the Genie Comfort service, you get all the benefits of Genie Speed plus you get access to the airport lounge before you fly, giving you time to leaf through your favourite magazines, check in with work – if you really must – or simply provide you with a well-deserved stretch of peace and quiet before you jet off.
Price: €26.00 per person

Genie Family Care
If you are travelling with family, the Genie Family Care service ensures that each step of your journey through the airport is a light one, offering you an extra pair of hands to ensure your journey through the terminal is as smooth as it is enjoyable.
Price: €45.00 per family (up to 6 people)

Genie Chaperone
A Genie Chaperone will guide you or a loved one through the airport from departure area to the boarding gate providing you with assistance and help on all steps of your journey.
Price: €35.00 (for 2 people)

Genie Welcome
Genie Welcome offers customers their very own personal attendant to meet them at the aircraft and escort them to the baggage hall to collect their bags and then escort them to their car (short term car park), shuttle bus, taxi or public transport.
Price: €35.00 (for up to 6 people)

To book an Airport Genie Package simply visit airportgenie.com. Simply choose which package you require and let Airport Genie do the rest!

Need to know more about Airport Genie?
Hunter PR will be happy to assist you. For all press enquiries and image requests, please contact lynn@hunterpr.ie at Hunter PR. Or alternatively, you can call us on 086 417 4986, or 01 905 6350.

PTO for more information

Airport Genie Q&A

1. Who can use Airport Genie?
Airport Genie is within the reach of all travellers departing from, or arriving at, Dublin Airport. From business travellers for whom every second counts, to families who need a helping hand with young or elderly family members, to those who want a little pre-flight pampering.

2. How do I book the services of Airport Genie?
Simply visit airportgenie.com or call the Customer Care on +353 1 944 2020. Debit and credit cards are accepted including Visa, Master Card and Laser.

3. How much do these services cost?
Airport Genie services range from €7.50 to €45.

4. Where do I pick up my Airport Genie vouchers?
Airport Genie vouchers are sent via email, 72 hours before the relevant departing/arriving flight. If a passenger hasn’t received their vouchers by the designated time, they can call the Airport Genie help team on +353 1 944 2020 and they will be sent the voucher, alternatively, they can visit airportgenie.com and retrieve the booking and email the voucher to themselves again.

5. Can Airport Genie be used to chaperone family members in your absence?
Yes, an Airport Genie Chaperone will guide a passenger, or a loved one, through the airport ensuring they arrive at their departure gate in comfort.

6. I will be travelling as a family. Does each person need to book a separate attendant?
No. One attendant can cater for up to six people. Your attendant will be available for one hour approx.

7. Can I cancel a booking?
Yes, however if it is cancelled within 72 hours of the flight time, a full charge will still apply. Bookings may be cancelled online at airportgenie.com by visiting the ‘manage your booking’ page. One can also cancel over the phone by calling Airport Genie’s Customer Care on +353 1 944 2020.

8. What facilities are available for me in the Executive Lounges?
You will be able to avail of free wi-fi access throughout the lounge, including complimentary newspapers, magazines, drinks and snacks.

9. Are children allowed in the Executive Lounges?
Yes, however, they must be accompanied, and supervised, by an adult at all times.

10. Is Airport Genie available for all departures/arrivals?
Yes, Airport Genie services are available for all flights operating in and out of Dublin Airport.

11. My relative can’t speak English. Do the Airport Genie attendants speak other languages?
Yes, our Airport Genie attendants can speak Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Hungarian, French and Romanian. If you require an attendant with a specific language we advise that you book your Airport Genie service well in advance.

12. Who is Airport Genie ?.
Airport Genie is part of the DAA group. It has a separate management and operations team and contracts services from other operating units within DAA as well as from 3rd party companies.

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Emma 02/1/2012 at 4:34 pm

Clarity will be needed to ensure that everyone is aware that this is an entirely separate offering to OCR, which is a free service for people who have a mobility or visual impairment and is booked through your airline.

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