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Full Citizens of This State

Posted on
24th January 2012
Disability,Kanchi News

The recent report published by the NDA on attitudes towards disabilities has sparked debates up and down the country this week as the report showed that attitudes towards people with disabilities has shifted in the past 5 years.

Speaking on behalf on the NDA on East Coast FM this morning Siobhan Barron said; there has been a change in attitudes towards all different kinds of disability across all settings”

East Coast FM

East Coast FM

Deputy Simon Haris said; “People with disabilities are seen as people who get sent a social welfare cheque . . . it’s about more than spending Euros it is about attitudes, showing that we attach priority, people with disabilities are full citizens of this state”

The report showed that 38 percent of people said that children with disabilities should be in the mainstream school, 21 percent said they’d object if they were in the same class as their children.

The NDA report flagged a significant set back in attitudes to disability across the board with a 7 percent drop in the number of people who know people with disabilities.

So we’re asking you, our Kanchi followers to let us know what you think is behind this shift in attitudes?

The Author: Amie
Amie is Kanchi’s communications guru by day and a blind photographer by night! She’s an advoacate for change and loves all things creative and active including; sailing, sky diving, blogging, campaigning, the Irish language and playing traditional Irish music!



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