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Sneak Peak of Sounding Board

Posted on
20th October 2010

On October 1st, I was invited to the Kanchi Sounding Board overnight through a friend who works for the organisation. I had heard a few things about Kanchi and its core ethos, but was largely unaware of its day-to-day operations and initiatives other than the O2 Ability Awards.

The Sounding Board overnight was a great way for me to get a crash course on the history of the organisation and learn about future strategies and initiatives that Kanchi could take to be more effective in the community. It was amazing to meet so many people who were passionate about Kanchi and its message.

The overnight kicked off with dinner on Friday, where members met to catch up with others since their last meeting. It was a great way for me to get to know the members on a personal level.

The meeting on Saturday was lively and animated, and even became a contentious debate once or twice. It was evident that everyone in the room had a strong passion for the topic and wanted to have his or her voice heard. The Sounding Board seems to be vital part of Kanchi’s progress, as it allows the organisation to get feedback from the people it impacts about what they feel the issues are. The meeting also resonated on a personal level for me. As a recipient of a cochlear implant, I have felt the effects of my hearing loss in my day-to-day activities, but have never been part of a formalized discussion on disability. What was significant to me was, despite the broad range of disabilities, Kanchi’s message applied equally well to all of them: that measurable change requires a fundamental shift in perspective from focusing on disability to focusing on ability.

All in all, the Sounding Board meeting was an amazing time and a great way to share in the vitality of a group of people who are extremely invested in Kanchi.

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