Kanchi  is a non-profit organization.

Kanchi  comprises a group of people from different backgrounds, profession, and aspirations but shares a common interest in promoting hiring people with various forms of disabilities. There is never a time too late to have a consensus effort towards projecting the employment cause of people with disability. Our main goal with this website is to enlighten people about people with disabilities and to inspire others through real-life stories of contemporary people who have changed the world despite having a form of disability or the other from childhood. We source our information from authority sources particularly from the official pages of such individuals if available. By neglecting people with disabilities in the society, more problems than solutions are created every day if they are not encouraged or provided means to be independent.

Our Belief

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Make you workplace disabled friendly.

A great number of people that we may not think of represent the population of people with disabilities. This category of people is only different in the functioning of some parts of their body. Statistics have shown the disability population in many countries to be very substantial that we can’t but care. We believe giving people with disability equality in employment will make them independent and to contribute their own quota to the growth of the economy of any nation. We believe workplaces should be all inclusive to accommodate the active disabled population around us.

There is a great benefit to diversity. We believe that the inclusion of the disabled workforce will ensure a great company. Everybody has a part to play in ensuring that people with challenges are gainfully employed in various departments of companies. We have a role to promote this cause so as to find a lasting solution and a way forward.

Our Heritage

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We support and empower our disabled employees.

We are building on the good foundation already laid by those who have been on this before us. We rest on the inspiring stories of those persons who defied all odds to make great success in life in spite of their disabilities. We recognize those activists and human right organizations that pursued this cause relentlessly in the past. We hope to continue with what they’ve started but this time to reach the global audience in a more effective way through our platform.

We solicit support from communities, individuals and companies to take into consideration the inclusive atmosphere in public places and at work environment to meet the needs of people with disabilities around us.

We have the single cause to carry on with the push for better employment opportunities for people with disabilities. It is a legacy we strive to uphold continuously and will not be deterred.

Our Mission

People with disabilities in the business
People with disabilities in the business

At Kanchi we are committed to promoting hiring people with disabilities in places where jobs are available. We inspire the disabled community through our website with real stories of people who never allowed their disabilities to stop their dreams in life. We also hold it a duty to sensitize the public on seeing people with disabilities as people who are also able and should be encouraged by providing enabling environment to live independently.

Our Vision

Kanchi envisions a world of inclusiveness with all humans mutually living together as one without discrimination based on gender, race and most importantly how we are different in the way we are created.

The Future

We hope to see a good future for people with disabilities. With various forms of technology around us already, we can tell that the future is bright for people with disabilities.

This can be enhanced if we all come together to drive this common cause of good employment for people with disabilities the way we have chosen to. Together we are better and can change things faster than expected.