Yes, we are Live and Active but have moved!

Hiring Disabled Workers
We promote hiring and empowering the disabled people.

We are glad to have you here though! It’s a great pleasure to find people that are interested in persons with disabilities just like we are passionate about. You’ll agree that there are a lot of abilities in disabilities.

Before we hand you a link to our currently active website, we’ll like to let you know a bit about what we stand for.

We at Kanchi hope to support people with disabilities to find employment the best way we can through our platform. As a Non-profit Organization, we believe that every human should be treated well whether challenged or without disabilities. We project the cause of people with challenges to assist them live the kind of life they’ve dreamed of. They should live the life they want just like everyone else will want to.

Perhaps you’re wondering right now whether there is a new website, you’re absolutely correct. We have a new website. You’ll find a link to redirect shortly. This is the old homepage. You can click through this link to be redirected to the new homepage where you’ll find more information about who we are and how we can work together to achieve a common goal for people with disabilities.

As a non-profit organization, we welcome people to share in our aspiration to fight a good cause for persons who are physically challenged and needs to be employed.

Contact Information:

To get in touch with us, you can send us an email via …. Or you can find us or send us a regular mail at the following address:

2593 Pringle Drive
Chicago, IL 60605

“Are there any more information?” Yes, there are! Click this link to the new Homepage.